Services for Schools and Colleges

Listed below are the types of services I can provide for nurseries, schools and colleges in the Maidstone and Medway area. The prices show the cost of interventions bought in isolation. If you are interested in commissioning a Speech and Language Therapist to work with your setting on a longer term basis please contact me to discuss options.

Initial Assessment: £150

Assessment will take up to 90 minutes and typically includes information gathering, observation of the child or young person, and direct assessment. This may include informal/play based activities and/or formal picture based assessments, depending on the needs and age of the child or young person. The fees include travel and a written summary report.

Individual Therapy Session: £60

A typical therapy session will take up to 60 minutes. This usually includes 30-45 minutes of direct therapy (depending on the child’s needs and ability to attend to activities) and 15 minutes discussion and handover of homework activities. A member of school staff should be present during sessions so that activities and strategies to support the child/young person can be demonstrated and carried out within the classroom between sessions. This fee includes preparation, travel and resources.

Group Therapy: £240 for a 6 week block of therapy.

Group sessions can be run during school time or as an after school activity. For each group a member of school staff will need to present. Examples of groups that could be run include:

  • Comprehension Monitoring (Asking for Help)
  • Vocabulary
  • Narrative/Story Telling
  • Lego Therapy

Staff Training:

Prices start at £150 for a staff twilight training session. Bespoke sessions can be created.

Example training topics include:

  • Introduction to Speech and Language Therapy.
  • Strategies to Support Individuals with Speech, Language and Communication Needs in the Classroom.
  • Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Classroom.
  • Setting up and Running Groups.

Whole School Approaches:

Whole school approaches include:

  • Carrying out a communication environment audit and making recommendations on how to make the setting more communication friendly.
  • Setting up programmes such as ‘Sign/Symbol of the Week’.
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